What Do You Like About QCubed ?

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Hi team,

Before publish my new plugin QelFinder File Manager and taking my deserved holidays vacation, I would like to know something about you and your impression about the QCubed Framework.

In two months more I'm gonna have my "QCubed Birthday" since I start to work with this Masterpiece.

With more than 10 personal projects made it and 3 more in my work (Baufest, an IT company here in Argentina) I have to say simply,

I Love QCubed.

Formally I'm a Semi Senior .NET Developer but every project I do is a headache but with QCubed the maintain, the changes, the deploys and of course the develop is so easy and fast; Is almost incredible.

Is like someone cut the pie and says "lets do a framework for lazy developers focused on a high quality application design"

I really love what QCubed do, for the project, for the developer, for the client, for everyone.

Ok I leave the token to the next, tell us something about your impressions on the framework and some project you use it.

Regards, JMI

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I love the Data repeater, Data grid, templating method (have a different file) and having the model and controller so well designed. Of course Code Generation rules the set (and I would love to contribute quite a lot in that direction).

Above all - Making a AJAX to Page-Reloading is so so easy! It's just WOW!
Again - formstates! Just brilliant! Denying access to particular pages is downright easy - just prevent the form::run method. All is done!

Simple wrappers like QApplication::Redirect and QueryString methods keep the code so clean. There is a whole lot of things in the core (I love the way Database classes are inter-related and coded - makes extending them so very easy).

PS: I think I want your plugin right now... I really can't wait coz I have a use / need of it. :) Looks like you are going to save some effort for me JMI


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I love the new JQuery UI integration that is checked in to the 2.0 HEAD available from code repository. Makes creating and controlling all the JQuery UI objects super easy.

If you haven't noticed, this is a shameless plug to get as many people working off the HEAD as possible right now so we can release a 2.1 beta. We need testers. There are lots of great improvements, but the changes need to be vetted.

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I most like the MVC feature and the code generation (including the AJAX - stuff) so I can create the business-logic without coding any basic-data forms by hand.

This reminds me at an very old relational database tool I worked with around ~1988, this had similar features (just create database model and basic programs are generated by the system).

Also QCubed helps a lot getting better programming in php as I can always look into source-code and see the properties and methods built into a special class.

Then, before starting with QCubed I checked out several other php-frameworks, most of them seemed to be too large and too complex for my intention.

Last but not least the help from the community (you all!) is great.