Coolheaded Comparison QCodo v. Qcubed

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Hello all,

I have a little problem and I think others may find the same - it is now a bit difficult to decide whether to use QCodo or QCubed; the real differences in code, design, structure, etc. are not readily apparent. I think it would be very helpful to have a new and hopefully cool-headed comparison of the actual differences in the code base. Yes, I have seen the comparison post on the wiki - it is quite minimal and dated.

My reasoning is this: now when developers come to either project they may quickly reach a decision point. Looking around I could find no detailed comparison that was not mostly a little polemic and/or more about the "community". This doesn't really help either project as it can leave a bad impression - I think it is possible that many potential QCx supporters/users may be perhaps a bit put off and simply go somewhere else rather than spend a bunch of time gathering information to make the decision.

It is also a bit awkward to encounter the ad hominem responses - reflects poorly on us all; I am hoping that this post will inspire a more factual and analytic treatment of the question with more detail on real changes in the code bases.

As has been said, both project have strengths and weaknesses and perhaps they each provide a different function in the web ecosystem by now. More detailed information and reasonable discussion will not only help newcomers but may help to bridge the gap and perhaps invoke more of a spirit of reconciliation and cooperation. In this way I think both projects may learn something from each other as well.

So, this is a request for developers from both projects to comment, detail differences, relate problems encountered and/or solved and share improvements, etc. And I would like to stress again: Please try to be objective and technical and refrain from polemic - I am not interested in starting a flame war; a real dialogue is what is called for ..

Thanks and peace,

PS - I have also posted this on the QCodo forum.