• how to create new QPanel on Qbutton click?   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Every QControl has a ParentControl. If two panels have AutoRenderChildren = true; then a third panel can be shuffled between the two by modifying the ParentControl of the third panel.

  • Rendering specific html from control   3 years 26 weeks ago

    I find it better to have the label wrap the input and the span. This is one of the things I am working on as part of cleaning up QCubed output. You can either override the QCheckbox RenderWithName() / Render() methods. Or create your own. I tend to just copy from the base control and override to get the output I need.

    You seem to be using the Render() method - I would suggest trying the RenderWithName() method.

    The Text property will put the text with the input in a label ( Even using Render() ). The name property will put the label in a separate div and only show if you use RenderWithName().

  • how to create new QPanel on Qbutton click?   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Hi Oleg,

    thanks for feedback, well I guess I was doing it the wrong way, and decided to drop the idea of using QPanels altogether...


  • Stack Overflow - Qcodo vs. CakePHP vs. Zend [closed]   3 years 27 weeks ago

    hello, Laurent

    the community has moved to github. Please, place your question there as an issue with a label "question":

    I agree with you that qcubed is great and in some directions is better then symphony and others. The main direction here is (IMO) - the friendliness for web development beginners. It requires you to know only sql and php, nothing more. And sql is required only to create the initial database design, it is not required to do average coding. Moreover, tools like phpmyadmin or phppgadmin can move the requirement down to near zero. In a contrast, the development with a symphony involves too many concepts and technologies new to an average system-level or desktop-level developer, that makes it a pain for them to start a web-project development.

    The examples site is awesome and, IMO, better than symphony's tutorials.

    The qcubed ORM is better then doctrine, its ability to do an object-oriented queries with an automatic joins makes it an awesome tool. I've tested it on a student with a little or no sql skill and he was able to wrote complex production quality queries with a help of QQuery.

    To conclude, I see the qcubed as a framework, made by web professionals, that can be used even by web beginners.

    Join the community on github and help us make qcubed more popular:

  • how to create new QPanel on Qbutton click?   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Hello, Nikolay

    not sure that I've understood your problem. May be this example can help you:

    If not, please, create an issue on github:

    Best regards,

  • Rendering specific html from control   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Could you post your code. It looks like you haven't set the Text attribute of the QCheckbox which is why you do not see the label. That will render the checkbox input and then the label. The only thing I do not like is it uses tables for alignment. To fix that you would need to override the GetControlHtml function in the QCheckBox class.

  • Rendering specific html from control   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Is that the only way? Sounds like a lot of coding to make a small change.

  • Rendering specific html from control   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Write your own Render method and call it. You can look at the one in the QControl.class.php file as an example.

  • QFileAsset Problem   3 years 27 weeks ago


    thanks for the tips

    must be an issue with jquery version,
    I had updated to newest release, and now switched back to original version
    and verything works

    best regards


  • Spam   3 years 27 weeks ago


    I want to propose a simple yet elegant solution to SPAM - have a "SPAM" button next to thread, much like the counter button in Qcubed examples, and when a certain treshold have been reached the thread is deleted. This way no dedicated person would have to "stay and clean" spam, but the community will still be able to effectively clean it (I'd love to click on SPAM button should such button existed.).

    Best regards,

  • QFileAsset Problem   3 years 27 weeks ago

    The new issue created for your problem here:

    Please, track this issue. And thank you for the report!

  • while Installing, stuck with: disable magic quotes   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Hi All,

    just for completion of the topic: - kudos for Vexed Panda :)


  • Error with qc.getW(...) is null.   3 years 29 weeks ago

    This ended up being my own bone-headed mistake. After I was done with saving the state of an edit for the inline controls, I was not "deleting" them for subsequent AJAX calls. Thus, when I would do an edit and save it, change the "View", and then edit a different row in a different QDataGrid, the validations would run for the previous QDataGrid edits, even though they were no longer (effectively) on the form. Simply fixed by changing each inline edit control to null once I'm done with the edit (e.g. in my 'Save' handlers), and then re-create them the next time the user is editing something in one of the QDataGrids.

  • Error with qc.getW(...) is null.   3 years 29 weeks ago

    2.1.0 with PHP 5.4.9.

  • Error with qc.getW(...) is null.   3 years 29 weeks ago

    Which version of QCubed are you using?

  • Setting Date/Time in QAnyTime Box   3 years 29 weeks ago


    It seems that I have posted just in time...

    Thank you for the patch, will try it in the afternoon!


  • Setting Date/Time in QAnyTime Box   3 years 29 weeks ago

    Without my patched version you should use the Text property and manually ensure it to be in the right format.

  • Setting Date/Time in QAnyTime Box   3 years 29 weeks ago

    You are a lucky man. I've done the same task today. And I've patched the QAnyTimeBox to be able to exchange it with the QDateTimePicker.

    See an attachment for my version.

  • The release candidate 2.2.0 can be tested   3 years 29 weeks ago

    Congrats! Good job!!!



  • Is this the end?   3 years 30 weeks ago

    Hi, David!

    nice to hear you and your success with qcubed. The qcubed development has moved github. You can join qcubed here: And you are welcome to help qcubed with documentation here:

    There is an issue for the documentation improvement you can start with:

  • Is this the end?   3 years 30 weeks ago

    Just took the time to read through this whole topic. I love using Qcubed We have nearly 50 rather complex websites running our CMS system which is completely done using QCubed.

    Because of the pretty much total lack of documentation and examples that use anything other than the main features, it has been a very difficult process for me to learn QCubed (still don't use cpanels much).

    Even though I now feel comfortable with developing applications with QCubed I still find it necessary to learn by trial and error. I think of myself as an Appliance Operator and have not done much modifying of QCubed controls etc. That makes me the kind of guy that this group should love to add to the users list. But we will probably not gain too many more without better documentation. I am not talking about the stuff I have to claw through in the API, I mean real HOW TO stuff.

    So all this discussion about moving, changing, adding, stuff is good but essentially not very useful without documentation.

    Keep talking...and Writing!!! I am hoping that we find some platform that will allow us to produce the HOW TO stuff for beginning users. If there is a standard place/method I would be willing to try writing some. Gee maybe "QCubed for Dummies" :-)

    Just sayin


  • mysql master slave support for qcodo   3 years 31 weeks ago

    Hi, nleung!

    The qcubed development has moved to github. join us there.
    I've issued your request here:

    good luck!

  • mysql master slave support for qcodo   3 years 31 weeks ago

    So I tried adding that driver:
    I get the following error:
    PHP Fatal error: Cannot override final method QDatabaseBase::Query() in /2.1.0/includes/qcubed/_core/database/QMySqli5MasterSlaveDatabase.class.php on line 12

    Does anyone know why this wouldn't work?


  • Many file_assets in one datarepeater cause upload problems after n-renders   3 years 31 weeks ago

    hi, Geert

    The qcubed development has moved to github. I've filed in your issue there:

    please, provide a minimalistic workable example to reproduce this error.

    good luck!

  • Subject to continue QDataTables   3 years 33 weeks ago

    Looks ok. The important thing is to set the FilteredItemCount correctly based on the LimitInfo. There is a probably a way to inline the two methods and simplify it a little bit, but as long as it work, you can leave it as is.